Laser cutting

Cutting thickness
Stainless steel 15mm
Aluminium 15mm
Black steel 20mm
Maximum sheet size 1500x3000 mm

Laser metal cutting is the fastest, often the most cost-effective, and reliable method for obtaining desired metal parts. Laser cutting with laser machines is much more precise than mechanical cutting methods. Laser cutting technology allows for extremely accurate, intricate, and high-quality cutting of even the most complex contours. Laser-cut metal parts are durable and can be used for various projects, both indoors and outdoors.

The metals we cut include:

Currently, our company is equipped with state-of-the-art Bystronic laser metal cutting machines, known for producing some of the highest-quality machines in the world. Bystronic-

With these cutting-edge machines, we can make the finest cuts and quickly produce the precise parts you need.

If you don't have the required drawings, our company's designers are ready to refine your ideas and provide all the necessary materials.

Laser cutting processes technically and economically compete with traditional and unconventional metal cutting or processing methods, such as mechanical and thermal processing, bending and welding, electrochemical and electrical discharge machining (EDM), abrasive waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, and flame cutting.

The advantage of laser cutting over mechanical cutting lies not only in its higher precision but also in reducing contamination of the product (as there is no cutting edge that could contaminate the material or get contaminated itself). Laser cutting also reduces the likelihood of deforming the cut product since laser systems have a small heat-affected zone. Some materials are very difficult or impossible to cut with traditional cutting tools, but laser cutting can achieve this

What makes laser cutting particularly special? The laser beam stands out from others due to its high energy concentration, which causes the metal zone being cut to melt, ignite, vaporize, or be blown away by a stream of gas during the cutting process.

This is why laser cutting can achieve highly precise cutting lines with minimal heat-affected zones.